International trade in species listed by CITES is illegal unless authorized by permit. Items prohibited by CITES include, but are not limited to, articles made from whale teeth, ivory, tortoise shell, reptile, fur skins, coral, and birds.

Regulations about American Alligator

You must obtain a permit if: (a) the export or re-export is commercial; (b) your personal crocodilian (alligator, caiman, crocodile, or gavial) items are more than four in quantity; (c) for personal items, the foreign country requires you to have a U.S. CITES document; or (d) the personal item is being mailed or shipped separately to a foreign country. Submit either an export application form or a re-export application form.
You do not need a permit from us to export or re-export alligator parts or product as accompanying personal baggage or effects, or as part of a move of household effects if the total quantity of personal crocodilian items is not more than four.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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