Rogers Boots

MEXICAN Fine Leather Goods


Our footwear is famous for its quality since we are still using the WELT system to make our products. This is a handmade old process to manufacture footwear of great durability and it is Mexico the only country in the world which is still working with this system. So far, there is no machine or computer that can match it. In a few states of the USA, some companies that try to use this method have to hire Mexican craftsmen to do it right. As a result of this process, our footwear meets the highest quality standards worldwide at a better price making our product more competitive.

And speaking of the worldwide high-quality standards, the exotic skin we use is certified by SEMARNAT in Mexico and worldwide by the CITES organization that controls and regulates the laws for the conservation of endangered fauna, flora and species extinction. All our product this is authentic and is authorized for its commercialization.


Our mission at Rogers Boots is to place Fine Mexican Leather Goods at the top of quality and design worldwide.


Our commitment to society is great and high responsible since it depends on us in 3000 families directly and 2000 indirectly. So convinced that the high quality of our products will continue to generate sufficient profits for these families to live comfortably and healthily we continue to improve day by day to continue contributing to the well-being of our society.


Roger Boots is improving every time to create a company with systems and standards that allow several generations to continue placing Mexican products at the highest levels of quality and to demonstrate that the skill of the artisans of the Mexican Saddlery is unique in the world.